Mid-Season Reminders!

Hello Everyone,

We hope that your baseball/softball season is off to a good start and that everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend. The LBSC Board of Directors wanted to send out a couple of quick reminders as we are approaching the last month of the season.

DUGOUTS: Please be sure to double check the dugouts before you leave after your games/practices. Please ensure all garbage is picked up, and that you have all of your equipment.

WEATHER CANCELATIONS: If you have not done so yet, please be sure to download the Rainout app that the coaches shared at the beginning of the season. The Lemont Park District will update the field availability on days with inclement weather.

UMPIRES: Please remember that our umpires are local kids. Please be patient with them as they get comfortable making calls on the field. Any mistreatment/conduct concerns involving umpires should be reported directly to our Umpire-At-Large (lbscyouthumpires@gmail.com).

MUTUAL RESPECT: We also know that games can get intense and competitive at times. Please remember that this is about getting our kids to love baseball/softball and to continue to develop their skills throughout this season. Coaches who are out on the fields are in volunteer positions. Parents should not be arguing with other teams' parents, coaches, or umpires. If there are any issues, please be sure to let the team managers/head coaches know. Team managers can communicate with appropriate board members to resolve any issues that need to be addressed. We all represent the Lemont community, and we want to continue to model good behavior for our kids.

We would like to thank everyone for taking part in this season, and we would like to wish everyone good luck in the rest of their seasons. Any immediate concerns, please feel free to complete our feedback form available on our LBSC website (Lemont Baseball and Softball Club/Lemont Lightning | Feedback (lemontbsc.org) We are looking forward to our final month of the season!

Thank you,

LBSC Board