Field Maintenance

LBSC is completely run by volunteers, and regular field maintenance is done by coaches and families of our teams. We've added a few notes as a good reference for field preparation before games, and cleanup after games/practices.

  • Sheds should have chalk, chalkers, batter’s box stamps, hammers, mound circle, movable raised mounds, dragger, etc.
  • Field Boxes should include bases, mound, tape measure, hammer and post digger

General Guidelines

  • Clean up dugout after games
  • Replace base plugs: consolidate base plugs in one spot when putting bases in
  • Return all equipment back into the correct spot
  • Only practice/play on reserved fields
  • No balls hit into the fences
  • Home team chalks the fields: batters' boxes, on deck circles and pitching circle (softball)


Light usage should be controlled by Park District managers. If a bulb goes out or lights are not being turned on before a night game contacts the Park District.

Keypad Locations: Please reference coaches/manager welcome for keypad codes

  • Core Quad: Outside, South East corner of the CORE building - Silver Keypad
  • Santos Field: Electric box in fence area down 3rd baseline - Silver Keypad

Tracking Light Usage

LOG ON: Each Team is required to Log-On if using lights for their Scheduled Field and Time

  • Last games (teams) for the night on Each Field are required to LOG OFF
  • Game Schedules and Allocation List will be used to compare against Light Usage Report for billing purposes.


  • Once the lights go out, it takes 30 minutes for the lights to cool down before they can be turned back on.
  • Be certain your team is the last game of the night on a field before logging off! This cannot be Overridden!!
  • Press * # * to see if keypad is working properly.
  • If you hear beeps, keypad is working properly, re-enter your codes.
  • LIGHTS ARE PRE-SCHEDULED TO GO OFF AT 10:15PM (No Warning will be Given)

Scoreboard Use

North and Santos Field have scoreboard capabilities and the app need you to download is called DAK Score. This is a free app and it requires Bluetooth connection.

  • For North Field: Connect standing next to the Shed at The Quad (North Channel 5 Freq. 1)
  • For Santos Field: Connect standing next to the Pool Pump House Garage Door (Santos Channel 5 Freq. 2)

You will see MX1 tap that and then go to the three bars and settings. Change your frequency to the field in which you are on.

Confirm Delete
Click the delete icon again to confirm. Click escape to cancel.