Coaching Quick Hits


Team Roster and Contact Information

You will be emailed a spreadsheet containing your roster, parent contact information and player uniform sizes. Please make contact with the parents as soon as possible to initiate communications, identify best days for scheduling practices and to get your first meeting established.


All uniforms colors/names have been selected and approved by the LBSC Board and have coordinated with Lemont’s own Eich’s Sports. Number of jerseys are determined by the team sizes and sizes of jerseys are determined by the parents upon registering their child(ren) up for LBSC. Once the teams have been decided and the team colors/names have been issued, the sizing will be sent to Eich’s Sports for fulfillment. 

Team Communication Options

For team communications, you can absolutely use email and text messaging. There are also some terrific free features within Crossbar to use to communicate, set event scheduling, and conduct statistics. 

Coordination with Umpires

The LBSC recruits, trains, and maintains a cadre of local teenagers to umpire the LBSC games. The teenagers will typically by 5+ years older than the age level that they are umpiring. The umpires will be instructed to have a meeting with the head coaches approximately 10 minutes before the start of the game to go over introductions, lineup exchanges, and clarification of certain rules. We ask that you and ONLY you discuss calls with the umpires. We ask that in the event an Assistant Coach/Parent exceeds this, that you intervene and establish control of the dispute. Remember these are kids that are learning a new skill and are willing to help the season be successful.   If there are any incidents or issues that need to be addressed regarding an umpire please coordinate with the LBSC Umpire-in-Chief.

Game Scheduling and Rescheduling Process

Process for Rescheduling a LBSC Game:

  • LBSC works with the Lemont Park District (LPD) to reserve fields for games and practices.
  • When a game or practice needs to be scheduled, LBSC has to receive a confirmation from LPD before the field is “officially” ours.
  • This process of field confirmation can take a couple of days.

To Schedule a Field for a Game:

  • Discuss with the opposing coach a range of dates/times that would work for the rescheduled game. Refer to that week’s field schedule to see what may be available.
  • Email LBSC Scheduling Coordinator with dates/times that work for the rescheduled game.
  • You will be told what is available. If nothing on your list is available, some dates/times will be given to you around your requested dates where there is availability.
  • Please note: As a general rule, 5:45pm weekday time slots are often not available. Weekend time slots are much more available.
  • You can pick the time slot that works best for you and the opposing coach and email the LBSC Scheduling Coordinator the requested time slot.
  • Your request will be submitted to the LPD and you will receive a confirmation of your request. You do not officially have the field until you receive a confirmation.
  • An umpire will also be scheduled for your game once LBSC has received the LPD confirmation.


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