Weather Monitoring

For Coaches

Lemont Park District (LPD) handles the field maintenance for the LBSC season and will provide updates to field via the Rainout Line mobile application. The LPD Field Maintenance will usually update the app based upon the field’s ability to play on around 3PM the day of the event. To access the LPD via the Rainout Line, download the mobile application, enter “Lemont Park District” in the search bar, and search for your field. If the field location is “Green”, the field is open, playable, dragged and chalked. If the field location is “Yellow”, please use the field at your discretion. The field will be dragged but not necessarily chalked. If the field is “Red”, the field is not able to be played on. Coordinate with Opposing Coach, LBSC Scheduling and Umpires to reschedule your game for another date/time.

Lightning Detection System On Centennial Campus

The Lemont Park District Centennial Campus is equipped with two lightning alert systems. These systems will notify individuals using outdoor facilities on the Centennial Campus of lightning within a 10-mile radius and to immediately suspend and clear all outdoor facilities such as fields and the pavilion.

  • One long 15-second horn blast = lightning detected – SEEK SHELTER NOW (all outdoor activities are immediately suspended.) Seek enclosed and grounded buildings, automobile, truck or approved lightning shelter.
  • Strobe Flashing = Lightening in the area – SEEK SHELTER NOW (all outdoor activities are immediately suspended.) Continue to seek shelter. Avoid outdoor areas, water, tall trees, metal fences, overhead wires and power lines, elevated ground, mowers and rain shelters.
  • Three short 5-second horn blasts = All clear. It is now safe to resume outdoor activities. The all-clear is given 30 minutes after the last observed lightning or thunder is seen or heard.

Off Campus Lightning Guidelines

Lightning’s behavior is random and unpredictable. While the risk of lightning strikes and injuries cannot be eliminated, preparedness and quick response are the best defenses towards reducing the lightning hazard. All Coaches/Managers are encouraged to sign up for lightening alert emails which will notify of lightening within a 10-mile radius and to clear the fields. Additionally:

  • Inform participants and spectators when a thunderstorm watch is in effect. Tell them that play will be suspended as lightning approaches, what the clear-the-area signal is, where to go for safe shelter.
  • At the first signs of lightning or thunder, immediately suspend all outdoor activities -"If you can hear it (thunder), Clear It (suspend activities).
  • SEEK Enclosed & Grounded Building, Enclosed Automobile/Truck, Approved Lightening Shelter
  • AVOID the outdoors, open areas, water, tall trees, metal fences, overhead wires & power lines, elevated ground, golf carts, mowers, rain shelters. 
  • Outdoor activities may resume 30 minutes after the last observed lightning or thunder is seen or heard.

Weather Monitoring Apps

My Lightning Tracker + Alerts

My Lightning Tracker is an app for monitoring lightning strikes all around the world in close to real-time. You can also receive notifications whenever strikes are detected in your area.

Lightning Tracker

Lightning Tracker app you will know about lightning strikes around you. At a glance you can see how close lightning and decide if you should stay outdoors or be safer inside. Thunderstorm movement and intensity is displayed on a simple, interactive map.

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